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Why does the engraving machine stick to the knife when cutting the PS sheet?

Why does the engraving machine stick to the knife when cutting the PS sheet?

When the engraving machine engraves non-metallic materials such as extruded boards and PS sheet, there are usually sticky knives. The main reason is that the cutting heat is large, which causes the cutting edge of the material to melt. The usual solutions are:

  1. Replace sharp knives: sharp knives can reduce cutting heat
  2. Reduce the spindle speed: the reduction of the spindle speed correspondingly reduces the cutting line speed, thus reducing the generation of cutting heat. It can avoid material melting
  3. Increase the feed rate: When the feed rate is increased, the time that the tool stays in one position is reduced, so that the cutting heat received by the unit volume of material is reduced, and the melting of the material is avoided.

The speed of the spindle motor is too high, or the tool is used improperly. Generally, the plate below 5MM uses a single-edged helical cutter, and above 5MM, use a double-edged helical cutter, or a double-edged straight groove milling cutter. The larger the diameter of the tool, the lower the speed. In general Next, the board made of ordinary PS raw materials will be more or less sticky to the knife; if the requirements are high, the PS board produced by our Xintao 500N raw material can be used. This kind of PS sheet is not easy to stick to the knife, and it is not easy to crack.

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