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The guide of acrylic sheet transportation and storage

The guide of acrylic sheet transportation and storage

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Acrylic sheet (PMMA), also known as plexiglass. It has the advantages of light weight, high transparency, easy machining and weather resistance. It is widely used in TV displays, lighting, handicrafts, exhibitions, transportation facilities, advertising, furniture and other fields. The signs in the streets and alleys, the sound barriers on the highway, the booths and display racks in the supermarkets… You can see the acrylic everywhere.

In recent years, acrylic products and projects have been increasing. Everyone attaches great importance to how to install and maintain, but often ignores transportation and storage. In order to ensure the best use effect of acrylic sheets, transportation and daily storage are also the crucial links. Here is the guide of acrylic sheet transportation and storage from Xintao Group.

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In order to ensure the flatness of the sheet, the placement method is to lay flat. Plates of the same size can be stacked together or stacked small size at the top and the large at the bottom. The long-term stacking height does not exceed 500mm.

Key points of acrylic sheet storage

Sun protection

Plexiglass is easy to deform at high temperature. It is not suitable to expose the board directly to sunlight and heat sources. The ambient temperature during transportation should not be higher than 70 °C. Long-term storage should be below 40 °C, in a ventilated and dry environment away from sunbeam.


Before using the acrylic sheets, do not tear off the protective film and outer packages film. Dust and dirt will adhere to the surface of the sheet due to static electricity. The protective film can prevent the sheet from being worn and scratched. During loading and unloading, please use a forklift to avoid secondary scratches caused by dragging the sheet. The surface hardness of acrylic sheet is equivalent to that of aluminum. If there is no special treatment, be careful not to scratch the surface when using. If scratched, it can be recovered by polishing.

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Acrylic sheet is easy to crack when encountering coatings or solvents. During transportation or storage, it is strictly forbidden to store it in the same place as paint and solvent, let alone contact with solvent.

Protective paper

When opening the board packaged by kraft paper, force the paper in the opposite direction close to 180 degrees and slowly uncover it. The kraft paper packages board should not be placed for more than six months. Otherwise it will cause difficulty in opening the kraft paper.

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