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Packaging Details

XINTAO®  acrylic sheets is equipped with PE film or kraft paper masking. And pearl cotton, laminate wooden board, and export wooden pallet would be used for safe delivery.

1. Kraft Paper


2. Wrapping Banding


3. Wood Board


4. Fumigated Wooden Pallet

XINTAO Acrylic Sheet packing-3

Standard Packaging

  1. Put cardboard and aluminum foil bags on the Fumigated Wooden Pallet in sequence;
  2. Paste the cardboard and the aluminum foil bag with double-sided tape;
  3. Then fix the aluminum foil bag on the cardboard;
  4. Put the PE film into the aluminum foil bag;
  5. Put the acrylic sheet neatly on the PE bag. Then put the PE film on top;
  6. Label (label) on the PE film;
  7. Stick 2 pieces of silica gel (60g each) on the side of the product;
  8. After covering with aluminum foil bag, seal it with plastic bag;
  9. After adding cardboard to the top, the whole product is protected by wrapping Banding;
  10. Add 4 corner guards on the top, and then use the packing tape (PP Bend) to fix it;
  11. Put a label on the side of the product to indicate which side (upper or lower) the microstructure side is.

5. Loading Process

Loading Process

Loading Process

6. Transport

XINTAO Acrylic Sheet Shipping

7. Lead Time

Quantity(Tons)1 – 500501 – 10001001 – 5000>5000
Lead time (Days)71530To be negotiated