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Some tips for acrylic shelf to avoid deformation in long-term use

Some tips for acrylic shelf to avoid deformation in long-term use

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Acrylic shelf has become a popular choice for storing and displaying items due to their transparency, durability, and lightweight. However, like other materials, acrylic shelves will easily deform or even crack if not properly maintained. Here we will discuss how to avoid deformation of acrylic shelves during long-term use.

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The advantages of acrylic shelves:

Good load-bearing, high safety index. The load-bearing capacity of acrylic mainly depends on its thickness. The thicker the stronger. Acrylic material is light weight and strong impact resistance. This kind of shelf is durable and light.

Strong practicability, effectively solve the problem of storage. Acrylic shelves are transparent, which allows for easy visibility of the items stored on them. It also has a low-key sense of luxury.

Acrylic is easy to handle and cut to any size and shape. Additionally, acrylic shelves  have the characteristics of weather resistance, easy processing, easy cleaning and corrosion resistance. These features make acrylic shelves particularly suitable for outdoor use.

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Tips for acrylic shelf to avoid deformation in long-term use:


When gluing, assembling, and fixing acrylic shelves, pay attention to reserve a certain shrinkage and expansion gap. It can prevent thermal expansion and contraction from affecting the shelf.


Acrylic shelves should be placed in a stable environment with a consistent temperature and humidity level. Extreme temperatures or high levels of moisture can cause the acrylic to expand or contract, leading to deformation. In addition, heavy or overweight items should not place on acrylic shelves, as this can cause them to bend or warp over time. Regular cleaning of shelves using a soft cloth and mild soap solution is also recommended to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris.

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Selection of acrylic sheet

The quality of acrylic sheet is crucial in avoiding deformation of acrylic shelves. Low-quality acrylic sheet may have impurities or inconsistent thickness. It is important to choose acrylic sheet from reputable suppliers. They will use high-quality raw materials and keep strict manufacturing processes. Acrylic shelves made from high-quality materials are more resistant to deformation and can maintain their shape for for a long time.

Xintao has 22 years of acrylic manufacturing technology. The quality of acrylic sheets reach EU and national standards. All aspects of performance of sheets are at the leading level among similar domestic products. Our cooperative customers are located in more than 120 countries and regions in Europe, America, the Middle East and Africa.

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