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Your best choice for storing shoes – acrylic shoe box

Your best choice for storing shoes – acrylic shoe box

A pair of shoes must have a matching storage box. A transparent acrylic shoe box is the best choice. Compared with shoe cabinets, acrylic shoe boxes have many advantages. They provide flexibility for shoe placement. Transparent acrylic materials also have a display function.

Acrylic shoe box-2

Why choose acrylic shoe box?

  • Eco-friendly and strong

The acrylic is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell. The acrylic shoe box has simple design, it looks natural anywhere in the room. And acrylic material itself has high impact resistance. So acrylic products are strong and durable. The yellowing resistance of acrylic is also very good. Whether it is the box itself or the stored shoes, it is not easy to turn yellow.

  • Protect your shoes

The acrylic shoe box is moisture-proof and breathable. This keeps the shoes from mold and moisture. It also helps reduce odor caused by sweaty feet. We even recommend that you place anti-mold mats in your acrylic shoebox.

  • Square and Rectangle Shape

These shoe boxes come in two main types, including square and rectangular. The boxes have the exact shape and size, so you can fit any size shoe inside. However, if you wear specially designed or oversized shoes, you need to pay attention to the size of your acrylic shoe box. This will ensure the shape stays intact and you don’t have to worry about the shoe getting out of shape.

Acrylic shoe boxes-1Acrylic shoe boxes-1

  • Transparent box

The acrylic shoe boxes are transparent. They are very clear and allow you to see the shoes placed inside. So you don’t need to open the box again and again to see what type of shoes are inside. It makes your life easier and more comfortable with these clear acrylic shoe boxes.

  • Easy to place

The acrylic shoe box can be easily stored anywhere. They’re convenient to store under the bed, near the closet, or even in any medium-sized cupboard.

  • Customized color and pattern

You can customize printed patterns or words on the surface of the box. Of course, acrylic boxes not only have transparent colors, but also can be customized to your favorite color.

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