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Xintao Acrylic used for high-speed rail stations

Xintao Acrylic used for high-speed rail stations

The station photos

When the sun shines mercilessly from above, thermometers in Chengdu can climb to 45 degrees Celsius. Xintao acrylic protects the red lettering of the High Speed Rail Station from high levels of UV radiation.

More than 300,000 passengers flock to the Chengdu East Station every day. Equally impressive is the huge “Chengdu East Station” lettering on the facade which points the way for passengers to the Station from a long way off .

Acrylic luminous lettering

These signage were constructed from a reinforced aluminum light box, LED strips and acrylic sheet. Signage are mostly used outdoors and need to be exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, so there are very high requirements for the raw materials produced.

Material with UV protection

Xintao Acrylic Sheet with superior resistance to discoloration, impact, and chemicals, glossy surface, high hardness, easy to bend and thermoform, acrylic plexiglass sheet is ideal for any application.

Due to the inherent UV stability of Xintao material, the color will not change or yellow even in extreme climatic conditions.

plaxiglass acrylic sheet

Better choice

Xintao has 21 years of acrylic sheet manufacturing technology. It strictly controls the raw materials, production process, warehousing, and shipping to ensure the performance and quality of the shipped products. Its sheet performance is at the leading level in the industry. Welcome to inquire!

Xintao acrylic creates more value for signs!

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