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Xintao acrylic used for display box

Xintao acrylic used for display box

Acrylic display box

Acrylic sheets provide designers with more inspiration and creativity, and provide better choices for collectors

Action figurines are desirable collectors’ items and rare pieces sell for large amounts of money, so the traditional closed packaging is gradually being replaced. Xintao Acrylic Display Box is the perfect way to display them.

Acrylic shoe box

The acrylic display box is barely noticeable and will not steal the eye of the exhibits

Traditional packaging only considers the protection of products, and often ignores whether it can be displayed more perfectly. The display box made of  Xintao acrylic has a transparency of up to 93%, which can perfectly present the exhibits and maintain their value.

High-transparency acrylic sheet, which can be processed in a manner similar to wood. It is more transparent than glass, and its weight is only half that of glass, which is less likely to be broken than glass, and is more convenient to handle and transport, save on transportation costs.

Additionally, the transparent acrylic box provides almost invisible protection, shielding the exhibits from UV light and dust – as well as stopping unwanted access to them.

This is due to the properties of the acrylic material itself

  • up to 93% transparency
  • Good weather resistance and impact resistance
  • Anti-UV,can be used for outdoors
  • Good processing performance, suitable for machining and thermoforming
  • Compared with glass, the weight is only half of glass; the shatter resistance is 7-18times that of glass
  • Enhanced services available: anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, anti-static
Xintao acrylic sheet

Xintao, to provide you with high-quality acrylic sheet

Xintaogroup has 21 years of acrylic sheet manufacturing technology, and has cooperative customers in more than 120 countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. Our acrylic sheets has a light transmittance of more than 93%, which is very expressive and visual impact, good processing performance. Suitable for all kinds of packaging display creative design. Welcome Inquiry!


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