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Xintao participated in the construction of the sound barrier panels project of Guanglian Expressway

Xintao participated in the construction of the sound barrier panels project of Guanglian Expressway

Sound Barrier / Noise Barrier panels are a UV stable performance acrylic which effectively mitigates noise. This material is sound-insulating, impact-resistant, and highly transparent. It provides wind protection to help meet these requirements. All sheets can be provided with various functional surfaces for specific applications, such as bird protection. Other options include transparent and translucent or opaque panels.

Yiwu Sound Barrier Project-4

Here, let us share with you the acrylic sound barrier panels used in the construction of the Guanglian Expressway project. The total length of Guanglian Expressway is 231.7 kilometers. To realize the harmonious unity of the expressway and the environment. The construction of project adopts the most stringent environmental protection measures to minimize the impact on the environment.

In order to avoid traffic noise affecting the lives of surrounding residents. Guanglian Expressway has scientifically set up sound barriers with multi-layer combinations of acrylic panels, sound-absorbing panels and steel profiles in some sections along the line with residential areas and living areas.

Sound barrier expresswayproject-Xintao Acrylic-1

Among them, the sound barrier panels of some road sections are provided by Xintao. Xintao transparent acrylic sound barrier board adopts imported new materials, which meet the requirements of environmental protection. The appearance is bright and the light transmittance is high, which greatly enhances the safety factor of road traffic. The boards are over 20,000 square meters in total, and they are perfectly finished by lean cutting and processing. The sound barrier on the Guanglian Expressway can not only reduce noise, but also has the effect of preventing wind and dust.

Sound barrier expresswayproject-Xintao Acrylic-2

Xintao Customized Acrylic Sound Barrier Panels

With the vigorous development of three-dimensional traffic construction such as highways, railways, and elevated compound roads. While providing convenience for people to travel, noise pollution is also increasing. As an important measure to control traffic noise pollution, sound barrier board came into being.

As a leading enterprise in the domestic polymer new material industry, Xintao commits to the research and application of new materials in the field of sound barrier. In terms of research and development, a R&D technology center with a postdoctoral team established. Its product, sound barrier acrylic sheet, has passed the test of the National Building Materials Testing Center. And it has also withstood the test of the market in terms of quality. In terms of production, Xintao is able to fully meet the capacity needs and special customization requirements of the sound barrier market, especially in the delivery of engineering projects.

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