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PC/PMMA composites are promising in the field of mobile phones

PC/PMMA composites are promising in the field of mobile phones

Xintao PC/PMMA composite material is an optical grade sheet, which is made of PC and PMMA through co-extrusion process, and has the advantages of both PC and PMMA. With the advent of the 5G era, the material of the back cover of mobile phones is changing from metal to glass, ceramics and plastics; among them, the cost-effective PC/PMMA composite material, with its unique advantages, has become a new research hotspot.

PC+PMMA Laminated Sheets

Application advantages of PC/PMMA laminated sheets in the field of mobile phones

Unlimited machining options. PC/PMMA laminated sheets is easy to process. It can achieve 3D glass effect through texture design and 3D high pressure forming, which can meet different texture design and color effects. Compared with glass, it is lighter and thinner. It is currently the most powerful competitor for 3D glass back cover.

Anti-drop and wear-resistant. PC/PMMA laminated sheets is surface-treated, the hardness of the finished product can reach 4H/1000G, the wear resistance #0000 steel wool 1KG load, 5000 times back and forth, it has stronger drop resistance and wear resistance than ordinary plastics, ceramics and glass , in line with the test standard of mobile phone back cover.

No signal shielding. The sheet also meets the requirements of smooth 5G signal transmission and meets the needs of wireless charging.

Xintao production line


Xintao has 21 years of polymer material manufacturing technology, as well as a perfect production management system and quality control system!

Our PC/PMMA laminated sheets has the advantages of thinness, good appearance, low cost, easy processing, good drop resistance, etc. It has been widely used in mobile phone covers, various windows, display panels and other fields!

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