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Acrylic wine rack

Acrylic wine rack

As an item for storing wine, the wine rack can be simple or luxurious. More and more wine lovers will purchase a set of practical wine racks at home. How to better place and display wine will test everyone’s choice of wine racks. Acrylic wine racks is a good choice.

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Acrylic wine shelf set off a craze

The current wine shelf is not only used to put wine, but also a part of home design. In recent years, out of awareness of environmental protection, acrylic materials have gradually entered people’s field of vision. And it has become a popular choice of household materials, which has also set off a boom in the field of wine racks. The acrylic wine rack provides storage and display functions for various wines for the purpose of safety and beauty.

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Advantages of acrylic wine racks

One of the biggest highlights of the acrylic wine rack is that it can be placed in different wine racks according to the shape of different wine bottles.

The acrylic wine rack perfectly shows the transparency of the acrylic material itself and the variety of colors. The more transparent the wine rack, the more prominent it is to show the beauty of a bottle of wine. And it is more convenient for people to choose their favorite wine.

Acrylic is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very easy to clean. Just wash it with water.

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Xintao acrylic, the first choice for creating high-quality acrylic wine racks

In addition to the home life, acrylic wine holder are becoming increasingly popular in bars, hotels, western restaurants and various high-end clubs. Of course, in order to successfully create an atmospheric acrylic wine rack, unique creative design and high-quality acrylic plates are indispensable. Xintao has 22 years of acrylic sheet manufacturing technology. Its quality meets EU and national standards. Our acrylic has beautiful appearance, good processing performance, strong plasticity and good load-bearing performance. It can meet higher design requirements. Moreover, it has good weather resistance, is not easy to turn yellow, and is durable.

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