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Acrylic for Food Packaging Display Box

Acrylic for Food Packaging Display Box

In recent years, acrylic has been continuously processed and entered the mass market in various styles. It is also widely used in food packaging and display. We can see it everywhere in major supermarkets.

Food Acrylic Box-1

The advantages of acrylic food packaging display box

For food, accurately conveying the delicious information of the product to consumers can promote the purchase behavior more effectively. The transparent acrylic box allows customers to see the true face of the inside 360 degrees, giving the food more opportunities to display. It is not only moisture-proof, dust-proof, beautiful and orderly, but also very textured, which greatly enhances the appeal of food.

Food Acrylic Box-2

Is acrylic safe for food use?

In addition to eye-catching, food boxes and packaging boxes are also the main points of attention. Acrylic is an industrial material, and there are grades for different purposes. Not all acrylic sheets are in direct contact with food and can be absolutely harmless. Only food-grade acrylic complies with food safety standards, and will not produce harmful substances in normal use, so you can safely store food.

The safe and harmless “food-grade” acrylic packaging display box is closely related to whether the quality, craftsmanship, and testing of the acrylic sheet meet the standards.

Xintao food-grade acrylic sheet

How to identify “food grade” acrylic materials?

The key is to identify the food contact level test report! Internationally, the FDA is recognized as one of the world’s largest food and drug regulatory agencies. And it is key to promoting and monitoring product safety. FDA certification stipulates that all utensils and materials that are in direct contact with food and beverages, or in direct contact with the human tongue, must pass the FDA standard food contact level testing certification.


FDA sample

Xintao has 21 years of acrylic sheet manufacturing technology, and the quality reaches EU and national standards. Xintao acrylic sheet has successfully passed the FDA food-grade testing certification.

Acrylic boxes for placing food have high requirements on plates.

Acrylic manufacturers on the market are endless. It requires us to develop a pair of discerning eyes to select high-quality acrylic sheets. Xintao strictly follows food-grade regulations and can produce qualified high-quality acrylic sheets in contact with food. In order to ensure that the product quality meets the international market standards. In addition to the FDA food-grade testing certification. Xintao has also carried out REACH, ROHS and other environmental protection certifications and a series of SGS product testing for all products. Our cooperative customers are located in more than 120 countries and regions in Europe, America, the Middle East and Africa.

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