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IPMEX Malaysia Exhibition

IPMEX Malaysia Exhibition

The biennial IPMEX Malaysia plays the role of a platform for the advertising and printing trade, gaining greater heights, welcoming wider markets and accepting greater challenges while providing superior service to various industries. Advertising and printing trade leaders from all over the world gather in Kuala Lumpur for IPMEX Malaysia, creating endless opportunities, possibilities and excitement.

IPMEX Malaysia is featuring Print, Paper, Label, Package, Corrugated printing, Signage and Advertisement industries. All are in one place! As new technologies have widened the scope of printing applications, there have been new blue oceans emerging in various fields including industrial and special printing.

IPMEX Malaysia Exhibition


Acrylic as one kind of advertising materials has good processability and lighting transmitting effect. Acrylic sheet in advertising mainly is using in sign letter, sign board and sign lighting box.

We are specializing in producing acrylic sheet used in many fields. With the rich experience and professional produce, our products’ quality always meets the high standard requirements of our customers.

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