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What is an acrylic sheet?

What is an acrylic sheet?

Acrylic sheets, are thermoplastics,It is polymerized from methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA), often purchased in sheets as a lightweight or shatter-resistant alternative to glass. Acrylic is known by many names, with generic names including acrylic, acrylic glass.

Today, acrylic is most commonly sold in sheets of various thicknesses, but it is also found in forms such as rods or tubes, and styles such as matte, mirrored acrylic sheets. High Transparent Cast Acrylic Sheets , Glitter Acrylic Sheet Not only does acrylic come in many shapes and sizes, it can also be shaped and colored to suit specific applications. Whichever option best suits your needs, acrylic is the cost-effective, durable material for your project.

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