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What is the hot bending treatment of acrylic plate?

What is the hot bending treatment of acrylic plate?

1. Acrylic Local thermal bending

Acrylic plate hot bending at right angles, make smooth arc, acrylic products processing flow is the most used way. Cut a piece of acrylic sheet, with high temperature mold rod will need to hot bend acrylic edge hot melt, under normal circumstances 2-4mm plate bending temperature in 80°C-90°C (176°F-194°F) degrees; The hot bending temperature of the extrusion plate is controlled in 130°C-135°C (266°F-275°F) degree, and the casting plate can be hot bending in 140°C-145°C (284°F-293°F) degree. The number of hot bending of the casting plate is within 2-3 times. In addition, the length of the hot bending can not be too long, too thick plate needs to go into the oven to soften the mold in the hot bending, 5mm plate hot bending in order to prevent bursting need to open V-groove.

2. Acrylic Overall thermal bending

Are hot bending machine baking, put the acrylic sheet and forming mold stacked together into the oven, location, and then by artificial supervision, can follow the yakeli board temperature rises gradually become soft, wait a few minutes or a few seconds, the last attached on the mould, this is about to control the temperature of the oven, can’t rise to high. Finally take out the cooling is the required shape of acrylic products now many industries are using acrylic materials to make products, such as hotel supplies, shopping malls acrylic display rack, acrylic aquarium, decoration with acrylic sheet, etc.

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