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Can you cement acrylic shapes?

Can you cement acrylic shapes?

Yes. You can cement them to many different materials using the appropriate adhesive. Please refer to our adhesives chart for specific information.

Help! My plastic is scratched!

When your beautiful piece of Xintao® acrylic scratches, you can fix it quickly! If you can’t feel the scratch with your fingernail, then Novus® #2 or #3 should restore the finish. Otherwise, you will need to sand and buff the area that is scratched to return the shine . It’s the same way we polish the edges of thick pieces of acrylic here – it works! This procedure ONLY works on acrylic. It does not work on styrene (like the colored boxes we sell) or on polycarbonate. They both look clear, but they cannot be restored. Ask about our Abrasion Resistant coatings.

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