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Calligraphy and painting training in Anhui Xintao

Calligraphy and painting training in Anhui Xintao

    On October 14, 2022, Langxi County Elderly Calligraphy Association came to Anhui Xintao Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out calligraphy and painting training and exhibition activities.

Calligraphy and painting training in Anhui Xintao


    The old calligraphers were full of passion and created on the spot. They created many calligraphy works. For example, 不负韶华 (live up to your time), 平安喜乐 (peace and joy), 新涛永盛 (Xintao will always prosper).

    Among them, the calligrapher and painter also created a painting of plum blossoms in the spirit of it. The inspiration for the creation comes from the poem “Ode to the Plum Blossom”, which written by Mao Zedong in 1961. The painter depicted the strong and unyielding characteristics of plum blossoms, which are not afraid of severe cold. He created a beautiful and tenacious image of the plum blossom.

    A piece of calligraphy and painting with different characteristics won everyone’s unanimous praise. At the same time, many employees have come to ask for calligraphy. And they are happy to take pictures with calligraphers and painters.

    This calligraphy work of 新涛永盛 (Xintao will always prosper) expresses the sincere wishes of the Elderly Calligraphy Association to Xintao Group. This event injected new vitality into Xintao’s enterprise culture. It also inspires all Xintao employees to inherit the spirit of calligraphy and painting, maintain a positive fighting spirit.

About Xintao

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Calligraphy and painting training in Anhui Xintao

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