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Alibaba Retrospective Meeting In Xintao Group

Alibaba Retrospective Meeting In Xintao Group

On October 20, Alibaba Shenzhen Core Merchant Retrospective Meeting was held in Shenzhen Xintao Holdings Co., Ltd. More than ten companies participated in this meeting, of which four companies sent representatives to share their store operation experience.

Alibaba Retrospective Meeting In Xintao Group


This meeting is mainly for merchants to organize their own store operation ideas. Through data analysis, summarize the achievements and shortcomings of the three quarters of this year. At the same time, merchants can also take this opportunity to raise their own difficulties and problems, and seek help and advice from Alibaba’s experts.

As an excellent acrylic sheet manufacturer of Alibaba, Xintao’s sales manager was invited to the stage to share his experience in operation and company management. In the sluggish market environment, our company still has achieved very good sales performance in the three quarters of this year and completed the expected sales target. This shows that many customers have enough trust and recognition for Xintao’s acrylic quality. Xintao also has enough production capacity and strength to take more orders.

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