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Acrylic Sheet Identification Tips

Acrylic Sheet Identification Tips

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How to identify the quality of the acrylic sheet is a very important thing for all acrylic sheet users. When purchasing acrylic, if you cannot accurately judge the quality of acrylic products in front of you. It is very possible to buy acrylic that does not meet your needs. Because some unscrupulous sellers will cheat you with shoddy acrylic in order to earn more money.

Xintao has 22 years of acrylic sheet manufacturing technology. We insist on using high-quality raw materials supplied by well-known domestic and foreign companies. From the supply of raw materials to product production, warehousing, and shipment, all links are strictly controlled. The quality reaches EU and national standards. All aspects of performance of its panels are at the leading level among similar domestic products. In order to protect the interests of all consumers, Xintao provides five tips to identify acrylic sheets below.

Acrylic Sheet Identification Tips

1. Observation method

This is the most common and most intuitive and labor-saving method. If you have been in this industry for a long time, you can see the quality of the board at a glance. Whether it is mixing with recycled materials, and whether it is an ordinary organic board. You can also identify by inspection whether the color is pure. Whether the transparent cast plate is bluish in the light. Whether there is pitting on the inside of the plate, and whether the smell is very pungent. These are very practical methods.

2. Light transmission method

This is a method according to the characteristics of acrylic light transmittance. The light can emit white light through the acrylic board. If you find a yellow or blue color, it can indicate that the quality of the acrylic is not correct. Because the light transmittance of the acrylic sheet is very high and the light after passing through is white light, it will not absorb the light color.

3. Burning method

This method is quite effective. Whether the quality of the plate is up to standard. And whether it is shoddy, we can know by burning a corner of the fire. High-quality acrylic sheets will not ignite at once when they burned, especially the cast sheet will not pull out the wire after burning.

4. Hot-melt method

It is distinguished by the difference in stickiness of good acrylic materials and bad acrylic materials. For example, poor-quality acrylic sheets will stick together and be difficult to separate after being hot-melted. While good-quality acrylic sheets can be easily separated.

5. Other aiding method

Good acrylic sheet manufacturers usually provide samples, color strings, product-related certificates, etc. Such as environmental protection certificates related to furniture, etc. You can compare and check according to color and some parameters, and it is also very easy to identify.

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