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Acrylic heat bending processing tips

Acrylic heat bending processing tips

What aspects need to be paid attention to in the acrylic heat bending process to make excellent products? Here we mainly explain two aspects to you.

1. Heat-resistant temperature control must be precise.

During the heat bending process of acrylic sheet, temperature plays an important role. Whether it is partial or integral heat bending, the temperature needs to be controlled. The temperature cannot be raised or lowered rapidly. Otherwise, it will easily cause problems such as pitting and air bubbles in the heat bending part of the acrylic. It will affect the appearance.


The thickness of the acrylic sheet is different, and the bending temperature is also different. To ensure the effect of acrylic products. Partial heat bending needs to be carried out according to the requirements of the manufacturing process of acrylic products, thickness and size of acrylic sheet, etc. Integral heat bending is currently more popular to use intelligent drying room. The temperature control is set by a stepped thermometer, and the accuracy can reach ±5°C. Use circulating air control temperature control device. Set the temperature curve according to product demand and process route. Automatic high temperature treatment and annealing control to achieve the desired appearance of the product.

Acrylic heat bending processing tips


2. The quality of acrylic sheets should be selected.

As the carrier of heat bending processing, the quality of acrylic sheet is also the key to the effect of the finished product. The high-quality acrylic sheet has better plasticity, which can ensure that it will not be affected by the processing environment, such as temperature and humidity. At the same time, it can also improve its flexibility, strength and impact resistance through processing. The standard for judging the transparency of acrylic sheets can usually be based on its light transmittance, haze, refractive index and other parameters. When selecting materials, you can identify high-quality acrylic sheets according to the relevant test reports provided by the manufacturer.

Acrylic heat bending processing tips

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