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Welcome To XINTAO


Development Path

  • 2001

    The founder began to enter the field of polymer materials

  • 2003

    Explore warehouse marketing model centred on Shenzhen

  • 2005

    Further expansion of business in the South China region

  • 2007

    Try to produce in-house and target more needs

  • 2009

    Foshan Xintao production base (i.e., Foshan Shunde Xinshuntao Plexiglass Co., Ltd.) was completed and put into operation

  • 2011

    Establishment of Anhui Xintao Production Base

  • 2012

    Begin to look at overseas markets and seek opportunities

  • 2014

    Established Dongguan Xintao Production Base

  • 2016

    Awarded as a model enterprise of integrity in Anhui Province

  • 2017

    Shenzhen Xintao Holdings Co., Ltd. was established and began group operation

  • 2018

    Won the recognition of national high-tech enterprises, and was approved to set up a postdoctoral work support station in Anhui

  • 2019

    Recognised as an enterprise technology centre in Anhui Province

  • 2020

    Jiangxi Xintao production base was completed and put into operation

  • 2021

    Established Changzhou Xintao production base to develop and produce high value-added composite panel materials.

Cooperation Guarantee

What you will get

We have industry-leading production capacity to ensure your delivery time.
We have advanced production lines and quality control systems to ensure product quality.
We have a professional scientific research team to continuously improve products and update technologies.
Our experienced engineering team can provide professional solutions according to your needs.

Quality Guarantee

All Xintao products meet international standards. From raw material procurement to production and processing, packaging, warehousing, transportation, and other links, strict quality standards ensure product quality.

Perfect Supply Chain

With the acrylic industry chain ecology, it covers important links from raw material procurement to scientific research and design, product production, quality control, fast service, warehousing and logistics.

Raw Material

We purchase high-quality raw materials and maintain strategic cooperation with upstream internationally renowned manufacturers.We have always insisted on using high-quality new raw materials supplied by well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and have maintained strategic cooperation with suppliers such as PetroChina, Shuangxiang, Rohm, Wanhua, Serbang, Zhejiang Petrochemical, Mitsubishi and other suppliers for a long time.

Quality and Standards

Xintao has strong technical research and development strength and has joined hands with many famous universities to build a post-doctoral research station. So far it has 130 invention patents, utility model patents, and design patents. It has been approved as a national high-tech enterprise, a provincial specialty, a new champion enterprise, a provincial enterprise technology center, and a famous brand product in Anhui Province.

Our Advantage

Raw material

High-quality raw material procurement, and maintain strategic cooperation with upstream international well-known manufacturers


Postdoctoral Research Studio

Lean Production

Step by step digital control of the production process

Quality inspection

7*24 hours fast response, unique advantage in convenient service

Fast service

Impress customers with quality. Win trust with sincerity. Build brand with word of mouth

Warehousing Logistics

Self-constructed warehousing operation centers in nearly 20 cities

Team Members

We’re a group of passionate people helping you to grow your business.


John Smith


Susan Tia

Account Director

Peter Johnson

Account Director

Jennifer Sams


Jennifer Sams


John Smith


Susan Tia

Account Director

Peter Johnson

Account Director

Jennifer Sams


Jennifer Sams


Our Partners

Xintao’s transparent casting acrylic sheets are sold worldwide. Overseas export trade covers more than 70 countries and regions in North America (the United States, Canada, etc.), South America (Brazil, Colombia, etc.), Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, etc.), the Middle East (Dubai, Israel, Egypt, Iran, etc.), South Asia (India), Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.), Australia, New Zealand, etc.
In China, there are Huawei, Foxconn, Alibaba, Tencent, BYD, Haier, Midea, Gree, Sinopec, Dell, Wuliangye, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, Vanke, Agricultural Bank of China, Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Country Garden, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and many other world top 500 enterprises; There are international famous enterprises overseas, such as Samsung, Apple, Sony, Konka, HP, Lenovo, Oupu Lighting, Jiayou Chemical, Nike, Adidas, Wal Mart, Amazon, etc.

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